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Put our Team’s knowledge to work for you!

With experience comes the ability to anticipate the needs of a client, their building and the resources to respond quickly and within budget. Whether you wish to expand your real estate portfolio or see your current investment grow, Farnsworth-Hill, Inc. has the expertise and the resources to help you achieve your goals.


Farnsworth-Hill, Inc. is both small enough to provide personal attention for each owner and building, and large enough to maintain a powerful reputation on the North Shore. With our presence in our communities, at the property and our availability for owners, we are truly a “hands-on” Property Management company. Frequent on-site inspections, phone calls to owners regarding unscheduled maintenance, and regular check- ups with building employees are standard procedures. Each property is assigned a dedicated member of our team, to serve as a contact for the ownership and to oversee all aspects of a building’s care and maintenance. Our 24-hour phone system and committed team of janitors mean that your property and its tenants will receive the needed attention, no matter the time of day.

Communication among everyone involved -owners, management, and building staff- is essential to maintaining a positive public image and keeping the ownership’s goals for a building on track. We are always open to suggestions or comments the individual owners have to improve operations.

Farnsworth-Hill, Inc. also maintains a continuous relationship with tenants, resulting in many recurring lease renewals. More renewals mean lower marketing costs, which in turn mean greater savings passed on to the owner. Every year many of our tenants refer friends to our properties, a further testament to our excellent service and well maintained properties.

We continuously analyze financial statements and data, to achieve cost effectiveness and maximum efficiency in your operation. Without close attention given to a building’s past and current financial, rental, and maintenance data, costly developing trends might be overlooked. We take the extra time, and that saves you money.


Property Management does not just happen. It begins with experience gained over many years in all aspects of real estate. It is dependent upon qualified personnel whose primary goal is to offer the best possible service with maximum earnings to the owner, while providing the best quality service to the tenant.

Our professional Property Management team has the experience to protect your investment. Besides eliminating the daily confrontations many owners have with tenants, contractors, janitors and solicitors, we can efficiently maintain buildings on a daily basis to preserve physical features and perform repairs before they become a costly headache.

Our centralized location allows us to easily visit many of our properties on a daily basis, and our proximity to 5 area banks makes it easy to deposit funds daily, ensuring the safety of collected rent.

Professional Property Management requires an aggressive marketing and public relations campaign; one that is ongoing and will maintain high occupancy rates. Professional Property Management is a total program individually tailored to meet the needs of your investment to make the property work for you.


Some property owners may choose to manage their investments by themselves. However, for those owners who wish to save valuable time and focus on their primary sources of income, a professional management team is the answer. Farnsworth-Hill, Inc. will tailor our services to suit your needs and the needs of your property.

Farnsworth-Hill, Inc.’s marketing techniques will be put to work for your property, resulting in higher market exposure and a public relations program that is tailored to the needs of your investment. Analysis of target audiences, effective media marketing techniques, evaluation and updating of individual marketing programs are a vital part of our total management program.

Our team will work to secure and retain your tenants; keeping your property competitive with rental rates reflective of the market and updating amenities to maintain high levels of occupancy. Our occupancy rate for the residential buildings we manage is consistently at 95% or higher. We screen all of your potential tenants for you by collecting information on credit reports and any criminal background to further protect you and your investment.

Our computerized statements and data organization offer sophisticated yet understandable accounting procedures, and allow for transparent review of all expenses and income. Included in the monthly financial statements are payment schedules, rent collections and delinquencies, lease terms, and other information each owner desires. The distribution of earnings is also customized to fit the needs of each ownership. All yearly budgets and projected revenues are also given to ownership for approval, giving the owner the final word in all major decisions.

It takes experience to buy necessary supplies in bulk, at a substantial cost savings. The benefit of this can be seen on the balance sheet when discounts for volume business with suppliers and contractors are passed on to the owner. Farnsworth-Hill, Inc.’s long history in the property management industry gives us the edge to know which vendors have a history of superior service & competitive rates, ensuring the highest standard of work as well as cost savings for the owner.

Our reputation is also reflected in the longstanding relationships with local banks, contractors, the janitors union, and the Evanston Chambers of Commerce.

Farnsworth-Hill, Inc. is also actively involved in many local, state, and national organizations which provide up-to-date information on real estate legislation and newly enacted codes that could directly affect the compliance of each owner and their property.