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About Us

Farnsworth-Hill, Inc. was founded in 1982 as a Property Management and Investment brokerage firm.  With over 35 years of experience, we have developed a diversified portfolio of office, retail, apartments & condominiums primarily on the North Shore.


Farnsworth-Hill, Inc. is boutique in size which provides personal attention for each owner and building while maintaining a powerful reputation on the North Shore. With our presence in the community, at the property and our availability for owners, Farnsworth-Hill, Inc. is a “hands-on” Property Management company. Frequent on-site inspections, communication with owners regarding scheduled maintenance, and regular check- ups with building employees are standard procedures. Each property is assigned a dedicated member of our team, to serve as a contact for the ownership and to oversee all aspects of a building’s care and maintenance. Our 24-hour phone system and committed team of maintenance personnel means that your property and its tenants will receive the needed attention, no matter the time of day.

Communication among everyone involved -owners, management, and building staff- is essential to maintaining a positive public image and keeping the ownership’s goals for a building on track. We are always open to suggestions or comments the individual owners have to improve operations.

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James R. Nash, Jr. – Managing Broker

James Nash, Jr. has been a Licensed Realtor since 1987, prior to graduating from St. Johns University. Jim purchased the assets of Farnsworth-Hill, Inc. in 1992 and continues to run the firm today. He comes from a family of Real Estate Professionals and has been involved in the purchase, investment, leasing and management of all types of properties, ranging from single family homes to a 169-unit apartment building. In the Property Management business, Jim has been able to maximize an investor’s return on investment while maintaining the integrity of the property. Jim has a keen eye for value and has sold investments to his clientele whereby building their portfolio and moving on to the next asset after the previous purchase is up and running smoothly. Jim is typically involved in several million dollars’ worth of transactions in any given year. Jim is an active investor himself and is the managing partner of three general partnerships and one family farm partnership.

Jim holds an Illinois Real Estate Managing Broker’s license , Community Association Manager (CAM) License and Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designation. He is also a member of the North Shore Barrington Association of REALTORS, the Illinois Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.

David Herrera – Property Manager/Associate Broker

David Herrera joined Farnsworth-Hill Inc. in 2014 as a Property Manager. He has over 8 years of experience in the property management field and currently holds an Illinois Real Estate Managing Broker’s license

Prior to joining Farnsworth-Hill Inc, David worked as a Property Manager at Universal Realty where he was responsible for managing commercial and residential property throughout the Midwest.

David is a true Chicago native and earned his degree in Finance from DePaul University. David has extensive knowledge in construction and an expert in managing new developments and residential rehabs.

Outside of work, David continues to live through his passion as being an active member of the North Shore Barrington Association of REALTORS and a dedicated fan of the Chicago White Sox.