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I just purchased a unit in one of your buildings

Welcome! Please click over to fill out the New Condo Owner Form to introduce yourself


How/When do I pay my assessment?

Monthly assessment payments are due in our offices by the 10th of the month. Please make your check or money order payable to the name of your Condominium Association, Co-Op, or HOA.


I’m planning to sell my unit. What is the procedure?

Each association has specific rules and procedures laid out in the Condo Declarations, By-Laws, and/or Rules and Regulations. In general, you will need to:

Notify your board and property manager of your impending sale

If your buyer requires documents or a questionnaire, please contact your property manager. There is a fee for completion of the 22.1 or similar questionnaire and the Paid Assessment Letter.

Once your unit is under contract, please forward a copy of the sales contract to your property manager who will forward it on to your board if that is required.

You should be paid current on all assessments in order to request a Paid Assessment Letter.

Please check your Association’s documents for any specifications regarding move-out or move-in, such as specific hours, any required deposits or fees, truck parking restrictions, etc. Please also provide this information to your purchaser at closing.

Notify maintenance staff of your move-out date.


How do I obtain copies of my association’s documents, such as Declaration, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations?

Contact your property manager.